• RebateByChecks

    Use RebateByChecks to handle your volume payments for your business. Sign Up Today for your RBC account and start taking advantage of the technology at your fingertips.



  • ECheck Processing

    Use ACH processing to make check processing an easy task. Save money while making your business green. Electronically track all your payments.



  • Check Printing

    Use the dedicated RebateByChecks system to have premium checks printed for your payments to vendors, payroll, survey participants and many more shipped First Class USPS.



Welcome to RebateByChecks


The Leader In Check Acceptance Technology

RebateByChecks is a low cost, outsourced solution for your volume payments, rebate fulfillment, commission payments, or your accounts payable needs. RebateByChecks is built built around the proven platform of MyeCheckProcessing, the same platform used by thousands of merchants since 2010 to accept check online, Internet Checks.

With the increased demand for options, every consumer expects to have multiple payment options when making purchases. Make checks an option today by signing up now.


Services Offered

  • pictureACH Processing
    RBC's software offers 24/7 secure integrated access to the ACH Network.
  • pictureCheck Processing
    Save time and money by processing your checks through the RBC system.
  • pictureRebateByChecks
    Find out how the RebateByChecks system can help your business succeed.